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The government this week published guidance about recruiting teachers from overseas once the UK has left the EU.

The guidance says that when recruiting teachers from outside the UK including individual EU countries, in addition to the usual checks, schools:

‘can ask candidates for a teaching position to provide proof of their past conduct as a teacher as issued by the professional regulating authority in the country in which the applicant has worked – where available, this can be considered together with information obtained through other pre-appointment checks to help assess suitability.’

This is a new check. Note that it is worded as ‘can ask’, rather than ‘must’. At the moment there is no reference to this is KCSIE and no mention of whether it should be recorded on the Single Central Record. I imagine that whilst many countries will have a professional regulating authority, how they may be approached is not readily known. I think it will rest with the applicant to obtain it.

Further information about recruiting teachers from overseas after 1st January 2021 can be found here:

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