Mahlon Evans-Sinclair
Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Facilitator, Anima Leadership

Mahlon is an experienced educator and facilitator with ten years of teaching, training and leadership experience within education. He has a deep understanding of how people learn and has designed and facilitated training for various stakeholders and organizations. Mahlon supports individuals and teams to develop competence and resilience when working in unfamiliar and sometimes challenging contexts. He has developed curricula for Teacher Training and Teacher Development courses, both in the UK and international contexts. At an teacher training organisation, certified as Outstanding in all areas by (OFSTED) for its provision, Mahlon trained and coached teachers at various stages of their career to develop vital teaching competencies while promoting knowledge of inclusion in their practice. He also designed a professional development curriculum supporting the learning of 2,000+ principals and teachers across 11 countries while incorporating concepts of equity and diversity to the content knowledge and subsequent tools of application. Mahlon is concerned with empowering marginalized people to recognize and develop their own personal power as a means to thrive in their personal and social lives and is host of podcast Educating While Black which looks at the experience of vulnerability and resilience of Black leaders in the workplace.