Our mission is to help ITT course providers offer holistic, effective and powerful support to their trainee teachers.

To do this we have designed Mosaic: a formative and summative assessment platform built specifically for initial teacher training.

Our platform offers you:

  • A single, easy-to-use place for your trainees, mentors and staff to record and track trainee development;
  • Ongoing, formative assessment tools, built around your curriculum, that allow trainees, mentors and staff to have a shared understanding of progress;
  • Organic and seamless integration of formative and summative assessment, that avoids a premature focus on the Teacher Standards;
  • Rich and live insight into the progress and needs of your trainees.


Interested in finding out more? Contact co-founder, Rob, with any questions you have, or to book in a call and demo to discuss whether Mosaic is right for you:

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