Robert Caudwell
Co-Founder - Penrose Education

Rob is a former maths teacher, with experience in EdTech, impact evaluation and research. He now divides his time between running Penrose Education and leading, designing and delivering teacher training programmes. Since co-founding Penrose Education, Rob has led the pedagogical development of its flagship product: Mosaic. He has worked with his more technologically able co-founders, to create a platform that is elegant and innovative but still makes sense (and has impact) in the real world of teacher training. Rob passionately believes in the potential of EdTech, but only when it is developed thoughtfully and in dialogue with the sector it seeks to help. Mosaic is a product of thousands of hours of trialling, working-group meetings and exploratory conversations with as broad a range of stakeholders as possible. Rob loves talking about Mosaic, what it can already do, and what it might be able to do in the future!

Penrose Education