Become a Researchers in Schools ITE Provider and recruit PhD Candidates to your Schools Direct programmes

As part of the drive to increase the number of maths, physics and wider EBacc subject expert teachers, The Brilliant Club recruits postdoctoral researchers to train and teach across the country through the Researchers in Schools programme.

The three-year training programme is designed to attract the most promising people with PhDs and train them to become excellent teachers who can bring much needed subject expertise into schools, become leaders in the use of evidence-informed pedagogy and champion university access. See what the benefits to schools are here.

From 2019 the programme is recruiting trainees to train on both School Direct Fee and Salaried routes across all Ebacc subjects. The programme is seeking ITE providers to train and place participants in their partnerships for 2019-20, particularly in the North West, West Midlands, West Yorkshire, and the South West.

Find out more about what being a partner provider involves in this overview and to set up a meeting to get great candidates in to your network of schools contact Schools Partnerships Manager – Amy Emery on amy.emery@researchersinschools.org or phone 07474 214 460.

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