This is an important consultation and we hope you will be able to make your views heard. We have posted each of the questions as a topic in the members forum so you will be able to share your views and see the views of others. You can access these easily from the Making our views heard section on our home page and you will see each question is linked to the relevant topic in the forum. We have included some of the relevant background from the document in each topic but there is further guidance in the consultation document itself.

NASBTT will publish a draft of its response (taking account of all our input) in due course and in time for you to be able to draw on it in making your own responses. It is worth noting that more attention will be paid to comments appearing from more than one provider so please don’t leave it to NASBTT to respond for you, even though we will be.

If for any reason you can’t access the forum please let us know. If you respond via the comments section at the bottom of each page or by e mail please ensure you specify the question to which you are responding.

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