We are pleased to inform members that NASBTT’s Curriculum Design and Assessment Toolkit: 2020 and Beyond has been updated.

This Toolkit has been designed to offer flexible support to providers as they review and develop their programmes to ensure they meet the minimum requirements of the ITT Core Content Framework (as part of the soon to be introduced Early Career Framework).

The intention has been to help providers as they respond to the significant shift away from narrowly focussing on trainee outcomes in favour of ensuring a coherent, balanced and well-understood curriculum of education and training as articulated in Ofsted’s ITE inspection framework and handbook 2020. The Toolkit is presented in two sections:

  • Guidance focussing on the principles that are widely acknowledged to underpin effective curriculum design;
  • Guidance focussing on the principles of effective formative and summative assessment which does not rely on the grading of trainees or outcomes. A Change Log is included at the end of the document.

Members can view this Toolkit in the Member Hub and in the link below:

Curriculum Design and Assessment Toolkit

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