Published: 9th July 2019

Dear Members,

Please see a communication below from the DfE.

We are writing to inform you about the National Computing Centre for Education (NCCE), which was launched in November 2018 and backed by £84 million of government funding. The NCCE offers training to equip qualified teachers with the knowledge to confidently teach computing in schools. We have sent you this message as we are looking to reach out to schools who are in need of CPD for their existing computing teachers. We’d be grateful if you can pass this onto schools in your partnership before the end of the summer term.

Funded, high quality, continuous professional development (CPD) courses are now available aimed at teachers who do not hold a post A level qualification in computer science, may need to refresh the basics or may be teaching computer science classes alongside other subjects. This includes the intensive Computer Science Accelerator Programme, for up to 40 hours of training, to support the teaching of GCSE computer science.

Teachers can take the training at any point, including over the summer holidays, and there is financial assistance available to eligible schools and teachers during term-time. Bursaries are available to help with supply cover, and teachers in priority schools (Local Authority Districts 5 and 6) could be eligible for a bursary of £100 per day.

The NCCE has recently appointed Computing Hubs and is developing a package of support that includes free, quality-assured online resources and training aligned to the content of the national curriculum at all key stages, and support for the delivery of A level computer science to better prepare students for further study and employment in digital roles. For further information, please visit the National Centre for Computing Education.


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