Current position on SKE allocations for information

The recent increased interest in teaching and surge in demand for teacher training has been reflected in a surge in demand for SKE. Between April and July, we have seen a big increase in candidates accessing SKE compared to the same period last academic year.

All SKE providers are allocated a number of SKE units/funding . On 21 July we wrote to providers reminding them of the requirement to request additional places in writing prior to confirming any places with candidates that would take them beyond their allocation.  To remain within our annual budget all providers were asked to ensure no claims were made or candidates started on SKE programmes beyond their allocation without DfE approval. We confirmed that from 21 July we would not fund new starters on SKE courses if an organisation had exceeded their allocation of places.

Providers who have an allocation of funded places remaining are still able to recruit and run courses up to the limit of their allocation. If ITT providers have candidates whose chosen SKE provider has said they can no longer offer them a course, they may want to help identify an alternative SKE course.  A list of providers that may still be offering courses is copied below.

1.Has the SKE budget been cut?

No, the SKE budget for financial year 20-21 has not been cut. The programme does need to remain within the annual budget which means there is a limit to the number of SKE places that can be funded by DfE.

2. Have DfE withdrawn funding for SKE from some training providers?

No, DfE have not withdrawn funding from any provider. Funding has been available to training providers up to the agreed units/funding they have been allocated.

List of providers who may still be recruiting

Below is a list of providers who have funded places remaining and may still be recruiting. Many providers have now stopped recruiting and the picture will be changing daily . Individual organisations will be able to confirm if they are still recruiting and if so to which subjects/courses.

SKE Providers who may still be recruiting

Manchester Metropolitan University
Eureka Online
University of the West of England
The Polesworth School
Yorkshire and Humber Teacher Training
Newman University
North Avon Teaching School Alliance

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