Please see the information below regarding the new DfE Teaching Jobs Vacancy Service. Any school within the North West London & South Central region will be eligible to sign up:


We have excellent news for you regarding our drive to deal with challenges associated with teacher recruitment:

Teaching Jobs Vacancy Service

Teaching Jobs is a free vacancy listing service, developed by the Department for Education, for schools to publish teacher vacancies and jobseekers to search for their next career move. This service lets schools publish and amend job listings themselves and follows the widely recognised Job Posting standard in order to improve the quality of job listings and make them as shareable as possible.

The service is being rolled out on a phased basis, after testing successfully with a sample of schools in Cambridgeshire and the North East. The phasing ensures users are adequately supported as our central delivery team develop and scale Teaching Jobs to a national service. Having initiated the role out phase in Northamptonshire, we are now inviting schools in the North West London South Central region to sign up for the service.

We recognise this will not be an immediate solution and schools may need to continue, for now, to use existing recruitment channels alongside this new service. However, it is a fantastic opportunity to start building a national job listing service that is free to both schools and jobseekers and ultimately will reduce the amount schools spend on recruitment advertising. To that end, we are encouraging schools to sign up for the service once an invitation is received, instead of waiting until they have vacancies. Jobseekers can of course start using the free vacancy listing service now.

We will provide regular updates on the wider roll-out, in the meantime please use every opportunity to spread this good news.

For more information, visit theTeaching Jobs Vacancy Service blog and do get in touch. Contact Yvonne (Yvonne.RIDLEY@education.gov.uk) orOlu (olu.oluwasegun@education.gov.uk), if you have any questions.

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