NASBTT has negotiated a large discount on our members’ behalf for a subscription for all your trainees to the online professional learning community, Teaching Times.  The attached flyer (New PLC Leaflet 2018 (002)) gives more information on what is included in your subscription but in summary, it includes:

  • A personal login for each of your trainee teachers (and your partnership staff)
  • Access to a vast ‘best practice’ library
  • Regularly updated publications covering a wide range of issues
  • Professional development support
  • A search function which would support trainee’s academic research and writing

SCITTs SD partnerships and HEIs would normally pay the corporate membership rate of £800 plus VAT but members can subscribe through NASBTT for just £110 plus VAT (per annum) for individual access for all of your trainees.

This offer is on a trial basis for one year and is open to members who subscribe before the end of this academic year.

If you are interested in taking up this offer, please contact Alison Hobson (office@nasbtt.org.uk) who will make the arrangements on your behalf.

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