The message below was sent by email to administrators on the TTP yesterday:

Dear DTTP User,

You are being sent this message as you are listed as an Administrator on the TTP. Please see the attached note that covers the ITT Census collection for 2018.

The deadline is now 2 November 2018.

Please note that we are sending this note in advance of Tasks and Dashboards being deployed on to the TTP so that you can see what will be required and when we suggest each task be completed.

Tasks will be published to the TTP tomorrow; dashboards will follow by the end of this week. HESA importing of Census data will become fully automated by end of tomorrow.

Many thanks,


Shaun Osborne

DMS Team Leader

Teachers Analysis Division

Web:                        www.gov.uk/dfe

Twitter:                  @educationgovuk

Facebook:             www.facebook.com/educationgovuk



  1. Doncaster ITT Partnership on October 4, 2018 at 11:29 am

    Clearly the DfE’s new DTTP system is not yet fit for purpose and providers are spending considerable time and effort in working through the issues that it has in order to comply with inputting trainee data.

    Despite many communications with the DfE regarding common issues that are arising, no communications have been forthcoming regarding solutions and merely allowing additional time (2nd Nov) is not the answer.

    Can we please ask on behalf of all providers, that UCET and NASBTT contact the DfE as a matter of urgency to seek a response to the issues being faced by providers? This is needed in order to reduce the pressure on Regional Administrators who are trying to support other providers facing similar issues, whilst also trying to resolve their own issues with inputting data.

    The DfE must recognise the issues being flagged-up and find solutions which must be communicated to all providers as soon as possible to avoid further frustrations and wasted time.

    Coupled with the far earlier launch of applications for 2019-20, providers are now dealing with overlapping priorities and need the DfE’s support to overcome these system problems.

  2. Emma Hollis on October 10, 2018 at 11:42 am

    This approach to DfE has been made – highlighting all of the issues explained above as well as other difficulties that our members have experienced. We await a response at the time of writing.

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