Emma has been liaising with colleagues at the DfE regarding the new DTTP and the registering of trainees in order to receive their TRNs.  Shaun Osborne, DMS Team Leader, has provided the following statement:


I can assure you that the DMS Team are monitoring the activity on the new DTTP very closely and that any issues are being highlighted in daily incident meetings with the intention to resolve as soon as possible. The team have been receiving a high volume of enquires in the last week about access to the DTTP, which has stemmed from the recent deadline to publish and enrich teacher training course information. We have found that most of the issues originate from outdated email accounts or brand new user requests. The DMS Team, the Allocations Team and the Becoming a Teacher Team are working collaboratively to answer as many queries as possible as fast as we can.

We ask users for their patience and understanding during the transition to the new system.

I am  monitoring the creation of TRNs on the DTTP, and am confident the process is working; as can be expected with such a complex new digital service there will be some teething problems. Just today I have approved an enhancement to improve the DTTP that will enable users to find their trainee records more quickly. This as well as other minor improvements will be rolled out early next week, and I am sure they will improve the users experience.


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  1. Alison Brady on September 25, 2018 at 8:21 am

    We have yet to successfully request a single TRN, at every attempt we are told there are errors and missing fields but every field is filled, have any other colleagues experienced this?

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