This extraordinary academic year is almost at an end. A planned return to the ‘new normal’ is underway but there are many challenges ahead.

We urge education staff to have a proper break over the summer to rest and recharge ready for September.

Our next newsletter will be in early September so we look forward to seeing you then. Our helpline, and grants teams will continue to support you throughout the summer.

The effects of secondary trauma

The emotional impact of the pandemic will be huge. Psychotherapist Ben Amponsah discusses the effects that teachers and education staff may encounter related to secondary traumatic stress, in themselves or in colleagues, and ways of dealing with it.

School leaders wellbeing pilot service

Headteachers are under particular stress at this time. In response we are piloting two types of mental health and wellbeing support targeted specifically at heads: peer-to-peer support and individual supervision. Headteachers in England can apply for a free place today.

Easing out of crisis: a headteacher’s journey

As headteacher Darren Morgan prepares to open his school to more pupils, he shares the challenges he is facing and offers some sage advice to other educators who are feeling overwhelmed.

We’re all going on a summer holiday?

Teachers need this break to deal with the many challenges ahead. Deputy Head, Andrew Cowley outlines how school leaders can ensure staff take time out and look after themselves during the summer break.

The nature of loneliness

As we ease out of lockdown and isolation, psychotherapist Ben Amponsah shares some simple things that we can all do to push back against disconnection and its ensuing loneliness.

No way to say goodbye

Even in ordinary times, goodbyes can be hugely challenging. So how can we alleviate a little of the anxiety and upset caused by the lack of a decent goodbye these times deny us asks Emma Kell.

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