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NASBTT’s Mentor Development Modules offer a flexible suite of training resources that can be embedded within existing elements of your mentor training. Modules are available as either online self-directed study or as taught modules delivered by licenced providers.

The Mentor Development Modules have been designed to support ITT providers in meeting the training time requirements and the demands of creating a ‘fully resourced mentor curriculum that aligns with the trainee curriculum equip[ping] mentors with an understanding of the curriculum content trainees will cover and an approach to mentoring based on the best available evidence’.

This tailored offering enables providers to have complete control of their mentor training and meet the individual training and development requirements of their mentors.

NASBTT’s Mentor Development Modules Diagnostic Assessment has been designed to allow for personalised CPD for mentors of varying experience and expertise. The assessment comprises of 19 questions and takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, on submission, the assessment recommends modules for completion based on the mentor’s level of knowledge and experience

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“We are using NASBTT Mentor Development Modules to underpin and support our existing mentor training programme. They fulfil many of the DfE 2024 requirements, offer bespoke training at the three levels of introducing, embedding, and refining; ensuring that our mentors are highly trained, expert and are developing at their own individual level, having widespread positive impact. The fact that they can be delivered synchronously and asynchronously allows us flexibility as a provider, and helps mentors meet the time demands of mentor training, whilst not impacting too negatively on workload. The modules themselves are easy to use and adapt, according to need. They are well-written and researched, allowing ample opportunity for individual reflection, collaboration between mentors and sharing good practice. Support from the NASBTT team has been excellent. An informative and useful tool for any ITT provider!”

Vikki Leaper, Senior Lecturer in Education (ITT) and Partnership Mentor Lead, Teesside University

An annual subscription and additional charges apply for NASBTT’s Mentor Development Modules.

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