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NASBTT and Vretta are pleased to announce that Elevate My Maths (EMM) is being upgraded next week from the version currently in use (EMM 1.0) to an improved version (EMM 2.0). The details of the upgrades were presented at the NASBTT conference last week.

NASBTT members whose trainees are using EMM are asked to note the following important information.

  • The launch of EMM 2.0 will take place at 12:01 am on Monday December 6th.
  • All newtrainee registrations after that time will be on EMM 2.0. Trainees registered prior to that time will remain on EMM 1.0 until they have completed the program. Trainee data cannot be transferred from EMM 1.0 to EMM 2.0.
  • Teachers/administrators: Currently registered teachers and administrators will have access to both versions of EMM.
  • Access to both versions of EMM remains on the same website as at present:   elevatemymaths.com/nasbtt.
  • Instruction manuals for trainees and for teachers/administrators are attached.
  • There are no changes to the arrangements for payment by either trainees or ITT Providers.

Instruction manuals and guidance for both providers and trainees can be found below and on the NASBTT EMM page in the NASBTT Member Hub.

EMM Manual (Guidance for Providers)

EMM Manual (Guidance for Applicants/Trainees)

If members have any questions they can email  support@vretta.com.

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