"This is a great book which sets out the importance of self care for early career teachers but it is as relevant to those starting their career as those in the middle or coming to the end of their teaching career. It is an easy read book and has lots of case studies that teachers can identify directly with. Thank you for a no nonsense book which you can read from cover to cover or dip in and out of as the need arises."

Mental Well-being and Self Care - Amazon Review

An essential addition for any Initial Teacher Training library. Edited by Emma Hollis, Executive Director of NASBTT

The Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers provide accessible, carefully researched, quick-reads for early career teachers, covering the key topics they will encounter during their training year and first two years of teaching. They complement and are fully in line with the ITT Core Content Framework and Early Career Framework and assist ongoing professional development by bringing together current information and thinking on each subject in one convenient place.

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Cog Science Book

Using Cognitive Science in the Classroom – Kelly Richens

Cognitive science is fast becoming the cornerstone for understanding how students learn and is revolutionising the way we teach pupils at both primary and secondary levels. The techniques informed by cognitive science are evidence-based and proven to work, providing clear benefits for both the early career teacher and your pupils. This book outlines the principles of cognitive load theory and metacognition so that you can feel in control of your own learning and understand how to harness the learning of your students.  It provides concise explanations and practical strategies that you can use in the classroom, enabling you to confidently plan and teach lessons with a reflective, metacognitive approach underpinned by key cognitive science principles.

  • 128pp
  • ISBN 9781914171055
  • RRP £15.99
  • Published Wednesday, 3rd November 2021

Assessment - Alys Finch

This title on Assessment provides a range of practical but critically engaged strategies and approaches to assessment. It offers a brief history of the core ideas and educational philosophy underpinning these, looks at links to planning and reflection, examines the concept of progress over time as a mirror for quality teaching and learning, and explores the idea of pupil self-assessment. Most importantly it recognises that assessment can and should be at the heart of enabling and accelerating the progress of all learners.

  • 96pp
  • ISBN 9781912508938
  • RRP £15.99
Well being

Mental Well-being and Self Care - Sally Price

This title on Mental Well-being and Self-care explores these increasingly significant issues for those training to teach or in the early stages of their teaching career. It draws upon a new body of evidence-based knowledge and an emerging lexicon which fosters and supports mentally healthy routines as teaching practice develops. Critical but also practical, the text guides the reader through research-based concepts and reflective tasks central to positive mental health and well-being, supporting early career teachers as they develop their teaching skills and techniques.

  • 96pp
  • ISBN 9781912508976
  • RRP £15.99

Special Educational Needs and Disability - Anita Devi

Provides you with the required knowledge and skills development around special educational needs and disability (SEND) as you progress through your early teaching career. Using an audit tool, the text builds on any previous training enabling you to ground and embed your practice for children and young people presenting with SEND.

  • 96pp
  • ISBN 9781913063290
  • RRP £15.99

Understanding and Developing Positive Behaviour in Schools - Patrick Garton

Behaviour is the number one concern for most early career teachers so this accessible book provides a range of research informed and road-tested strategies to support the development of positive classroom systems and structures.

  • 128pp
  • ISBN 9781913453091
  • RRP £15.99
Workload - Taking ownership of your teaching

Workload: Taking Ownership of your Teaching - Julie Greer

Linked to the Early Career Framework, this book provides practical time management and productivity strategies to help new teachers tackle the issue of workload.

  • 128pp
  • ISBN 9781913453411
  • RRP £15.99

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