NASBTT National Conference: Schools-Led ITT: Vision; Strategy; Implementation

19 Mar
12:30 pm, 19 March 2016, LDBS SCITT 2 West End Lane Kilburn NW6 4NT
This national event will be held at the London Diocesan Board Schools SCITT in Kilburn, London. The keynote speaker will be Sir Andrew Carter. The conference will include dissemination of the outcomes of the NASBTT Working Party on grading trainees for Ofsted purposes and an opportunity to inaugurate regional groupings for some future events. Agenda 10.00 Registration, coffee and pastries 10.30 Welcome and purpose of day IH 10.35 Keynote AC 10.55 Questions/discussion of keynote 11.05 How NASBTT seeks to support Рbrief overview of meeting;website;benchmarking;adminstrator networks 11.25 Regionalisation Рbreak into regional groups to discuss NASBTT Vision, Strategy; Implementation 12.15 Feedback/discussion/Management Team panel 12.45 Presentation by Office for the Independent Adjudicator 1.00   Lunch/networking 2.00  Assessment Toolkit (including opportunities for group discussion) BNR 3.30 close