National ITT Best Practice Workshop

29 Jun
10:00:00, 29 June 2016, LDBS SCITT 2 West End Lane, Kilburn, London, NW6 4NT

Achieving Accuracy in Assessment

Bea Noble-Rogers, Teacher Education Solutions


SCITTs: LDBS, North Tyne Side, North East Partnership

Universities: Bath Spa, Derby, Warwick

10.00 to 3.30

£85 per delegate


10.00      Refreshments and registrations

10.30      Overview, key implications of current policy, ITT content (if out)

11.00      Best Practice presentations, including:

  • Achieving accuracy
  • Developmental target setting
  • Evidence bundles, pupil progress and the TSs
  • Weekly meeting and ‘observation’
  • Tracking and reporting trainee progress
  • Managing the assessment process and QA

12.30 Lunch

  1.15 Table discussion led by presenters: add to and develop input

  2.00  Phase specific groups: EYITT, primary, secondary:

  • National priorities and delegate issues
  • ITT content if we have it!

 3.10  Feedback and next steps

Power points and resources made into electronic booklet and shared with participants.

For information and to secure your place, please contact:


Phone: 0207 932 1126, ask for Matt Jackson-Gill

Address: 2 West End Lane, Kilburn, London, NW6 4NT