The following may be of interest to members working closely with Teaching Schools and System Leaders

Supporting schools who struggle the most with recruitment and retention: extension of funding deadline
The Department is investing £30m in tailored support to help some of the schools that struggle the most with recruitment and retention of teachers, in part through funding system leaders to work with those schools to understand the challenges they face and possible solutions.

We are inviting teaching schools and system leaders, (specifically NLEs and LLEs or equivalent), to express their interest in providing strategic engagement with school leaders on workforce planning and recruitment activity across the school.

This builds on the expression of interest circulated before Christmas, but seeks to address a number of areas of the country where we require additional system leaders to support schools. Further details are available in the expression of interest (EOI) form.

If you or staff in your alliance are interested in taking part in this role, please contact us at Subnational.TEACHERSUPPLY@education.gov.uk and we will provide further information and an EOI form. The deadline for submitting the EOI is Wednesday 14th March 2018.

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