NASBTT Ad - April (002)

This book sets out a role for teaching assistants that focuses on developing pupils’ independence and ownership of learning. Now in its second edition, it is fully updated with examples from schools that have implemented techniques from the book.

If you would like to evaluate this book for use within CPD & training in your school a free r-review copy is available to NASBTT members. Find out more.

Routledge are offering NASBTT members a 25% discount when purchasing 5 or more copies of the book. If this is of interest please send an email to or fill in this form.

Alternatively, your teaching assistants can purchase a copy of the book on and save 20% during our site wide sale. This offer is valid until 1st May 2022.

“This evidence-based book is a constant point of reference for TAs and teachers. The scaffolding framework is a game-changer; how TA-pupil interactions, often so intuitive, impact on independence and learning. Embedded in Lincolnshire schools, this practice is now simply ‘what we do’.” 

Vanessa Hopkinson, Mobilise TA Project Lead, KYRA Teaching School, Lincolnshire

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