Members may wish to revisit the guidance below regarding School Direct marketing, please note that this is taken from the ‘Recruitment and Marketing’ section of the forming partnerships guidance:

Accredited ITT providers and their partners should cease to market or badge courses as School Direct (fee-funded) for courses that start from September 2024. Organisations may continue to market the features of their postgraduate fee-funded courses, such as being primarily school-based. DfE does not require organisations with ‘School Direct’ in their name to change this as long as their marketing material does not describe postgraduate fee funded courses as ‘School Direct’ or imply that ‘School Direct’ is a distinct route. Organisations that were previously known as School Direct Lead Schools will become lead partners from September 2024 if they continue working with an accredited ITT provider.

Organisations’ marketing, including on Find and Apply services, should ensure clarity for candidates following the ITT reforms. The term ’School Direct’ does not appear on candidate facing services such as Find and Apply, and will be removed in reference to the fee funded route from DfE central marketing services, such as gov.uk and Get into Teaching, from May 2023. General guidance on marketing an ITT course can be found in the ITT marketing and recruitment guide.

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