NASBTT’s Video Resource Bank (VRB) developed in partnership with the Chartered College of Teaching covers a wide range of subjects and phases, full lessons and mentoring and coaching sessions, for use in training and development programmes with Trainees, Early Career Teachers, Mentors, Teacher Educators.  Edited purposefully for use in professional development sessions, videos include pause points and suggested reflection questions to support learning.

Videos in the VRB are catagorised by phase and subject.   Each video comes with the option to view ‘with’ prompts, pause and discussion points or ‘without’.  Videos can be viewed live on the website or the video’s URL can be shared and included in your training material, presentations and professional development sessions.

A sample of the videos available includes:

  • Scaffolding and challenge in primary English with cross-curricular links to history
  • Talk for learning and language in primary DT
  • Challenge and support in secondary history
  • Holding difficult professional conversations

A list of the full 58 videos titles is available here.

Please note this optional, additional service is available for a small additional cost.

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