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Are you considering NASBTT’s Subject Development Resources to support your delivery of a high-quality curriculum and develop the subject knowledge of your trainees?

Curated by subject experts, covering all Primary and Secondary National Curriculum Subjects* and linked to the ITT Core Content Framework and Early Career Framework, these on-demand resources are flexible in use and delivered through the lens of the subject.

In addition to on-demand videos and curated subject resources, we have an exciting calendar of live sessions on key foci throughout the academic year.

On-Demand Videos

The new Subject Development Videos will focus on the following areas:

  • An introduction to the Subject
  • Adaptive Teaching
  • Anticipating Common Misconceptions in the Subject Area
  • Memory and Metacognition
  • Ongoing Subject Knowledge Development and Self-Efficacy

Importantly, each subject will focus on these key areas of teacher practice through the lens of their subject allowing trainees to develop subject specific knowledge and supporting them to develop an understanding of the nuance of their subject.

Providers can decide how to utilise the videos to maximum effect within and across their training programmes.

Each video will be approximately 30 minutes in duration.

Accompanying presentations and resources, including recommended reading and reflective questions, will accompany each video.

By having this consistency across each subject area, trainees will start to understand what some of the key concepts and principles of effective teaching and learning look like but through the lens of a subject, giving trainees a vital understanding of the nuances and specific knowledge often only built through experience and time. We have some short examples taken from different subjects below:

Live Sessions

We have an exciting calendar of live sessions on key foci throughout the academic year.

All live sessions are delivered online via Zoom and recorded for individuals who cannot attend the live sessions.

Download our live sessions calendar to view all the live sessions.

Curated subject resources

  • Subject Association information
  • Useful websites, videos and podcasts
  • Recommended reading
  • Top tips and useful information

Videos and resources from NASBTT Networks Live 2022-2023 

  • Access to subject specific videos and resources from 2022-2023 sessions of NASBTT Networks Live 

Additional resources

  • SEND Toolkit for Trainees
  • ITT Core Content Framework: Exemplification Resources and Recommended Reading
  • Ofsted Curriculum Research Reviews
  • Early Career Teacher recruitment
  • Top tips and useful information
  • Blog, latest news and trainee insights

Access to NASBTT’s Subject Development Resources is subject to an annual subscription fee.

Find out more about NASBTT’s Subject Development Resources

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