Invitation to take part in research about Initial Teacher Training placements


The Department for Education (DfE) does regular research to find out how people use existing education services and what they need from new services and policies.  In this research, we are aiming to understand what factors schools consider when deciding whether or not to offer Initial Teacher Training (ITT) placements, and how we might adapt or introduce policy to improve school participation in ITT.

Who we want to speak to

We’d like to speak to school leaders (headteachers and deputy heads involved in making decisions about ITT) and ITT coordinators.  We’re interested in talking to people from schools which offer ITT placements every year as well as from schools which only offer ITT placements occasionally or have never offered an ITT placement at all. It doesn’t matter which training routes the school offers placements for unless the school only offers salaried placements.

When is the research happening

We are running research between 08:00 and 20:00 from Tuesday 15 September to Monday 21 September.  If you’d like to take part we will ask you to suggest times that are convenient for you.  We also understand that things often come up so please just let us know if you need to reschedule.  We will also be doing further rounds of research so please do get in touch even if you’re not available on these dates.

The research session

The session will last approximately 60 minutes and will be a one-to-one discussion with a researcher from the DfE via video call. Another member of staff working on the project may join the session to take notes.  Taking part in the research is voluntary. You will be able to take a break or stop at any time without giving a reason.
We will take written notes and, if you consent, video record the interview which will help us to analyse what happened during the session. You will be able to withdraw your consent at any  time.
We will never use your name or other personal details that could identify you directly in the reporting of this research. DfE will store any research data we collect securely for up to 24 months. If we need to hold your information after this date we will ask you first.

Publishing the results

DfE may make the results of the research public. The findings we make public will not
contain any of your personal data or anything that could identify you such as audio or video clips.

How to take part

If you’re interested in taking part in the research or have any questions please email

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