Light Blue Trees and Stars Christmas Art Card

As we draw towards the end of a tumultuous 2022, I wanted to reach out to you one last time before the festive break with a deliberately brief message which reiterates some of the messages shared at our recent annual conference.

The ITT market review, and subsequent reaccreditation and appeals process, has been all-consuming for us all. It would be disingenuous for me not to acknowledge the very real pressures that we have all been under and which we continue to face. My personal approach to life, and one which we collectively take at NASBTT, is not to shy away from challenge but to acknowledge it, face it, and find practical and pragmatic ways in which to get through it.

In some of those bleak moments which can creep up on you at times, I am always able to reflect on the fact that this sector is one which, even in the darkest of times, comes together to collaborate, support and build one another up. You, our members, are a joy to work alongside – you maintain humour in the face of adversity, positivity in the face of difficulty and remain focused on how you can support your trainees, and the children they teach, no matter what is thrown at you – and I am so proud of what the school-based ITT sector has achieved.

With the market review outcomes announced, we are now, finally, in a position to begin to consider what this might mean for us as an organisation. There are still many unknowns ahead but with a little more certainty, the short, good news, story is that whilst the impact is significant, we can continue to deliver and further develop high-quality services to our members. Our sector may be shrinking in size but we will continue to be mighty and ensure the best possible training for beginner teachers for the children in our schools.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wider NASBTT team for their tireless work over the past 12 months to keep the organisation running smoothly and seamlessly despite the added pressures. The selflessness of our team, and you as members, shines through at all times. The winter break is the perfect time to reset. But when you return we will continue be the listening ear, and the support mechanism you need. We are here to support you and be the place you can turn to for guidance, advice, or just a place to lean on when you need it.

Wishing you all Season’s Greetings and very Happy New Year.

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