• Would you like the opportunity to connect and network with other TEP Licence Holders?
  • Have you got a burning question or challenge that you would like to know if other providers encounter?
  • Have you got a success story that you would love to share?
  • Have you read an interesting book/article that you feel would be beneficial to others?

Our TEP Licence Holder Closed Facebook Work Group provides a secure and dedicated space designed for the exchange of ideas, sharing of practice and an opportunity for you to connect with TEP professionals across the NASBTT network.

The Facebook Work Group works in the same way as a normal group without the need to connect with every person you interact with and let them into your more personal interactions.  This specific group designed for ‘work colleagues or members’ enables you to keep the two elements of your profile separate, with only your work-related information showing in your workgroup profile.

You can request to join the group by clicking on the link below: NASBTT TEP Licence Holders Facebook Group.

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