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FLiTE is a platform where those involved in initial teacher education can find resources and inspiration to develop their practice. It is designed by teacher educators, for teacher educators, to deepen the professional learning and development of teacher educators and develop collaborative working in initial teacher education partnerships. The resources are free to download(www.go.herts.ac.uk/FLiTE). Currently four stories are available, and there is the opportunity to sign up for alerts when new resources become available.

Who are the resources for?

These resources, stories of teacher educators working in partnerships, can support the professional learning of teacher educators in schools and HEIs, enabling their different contributions to be better understood and valued. They are designed to support teacher educators to find ways to discuss and develop collaborative working practices, explore new possibilities, and enhance the quality of school-based teacher education. They also provide a tool for teacher educators to grow and work on their own professional development. They could be used within schools, HEIs and partnerships, with teacher educators from both settings, and with others involved in initial teacher education including those supervising initial teacher education in their schools; mentors; student-teachers; school leaders and managers of initial teacher education.

How can you use them?

The resources can be used during a CPD session with groups of teacher educators from schools and HEIs who are working in partnership, or across partnerships. They are particularly helpful to use with a mix of school-based and institute-based teacher educators, to explore challenges from different perspectives. Each story comes with some questions and ideas of how they can be used. For some there are also links to educational theory and research which could be used to extend the learning associated with the story.

FLiTE – the vision

Dr Elizabeth White (University of Hertfordshire) and Dr Miranda Timmermans (Avans University of Applied Sciences and Chair of VELON, the Dutch Association of Teacher Educators) responded to a perceived professional learning and development need. Working with teacher educators in England and the Netherlands, we created research-informed resources for teacher educators, For Learning in Teacher Education (FLiTE).

Liz White, University of Hertfordshire

Website: www.go.herts.ac.uk/FLiTE

Twitter: @FLiTE737


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