Management Support Partner (MSP) Programme


Management Support Partner (MSP) Programme 


The vast majority of schools-led providers are members of NASBTT.  As part of our core mission we are committed to providing tailored support to promote high quality ITE within an effective and rapidly expanding schools-led provision.

A significant number of NASBTT members have been successfully involved in schools-based/schools-led ITT for more than a decade; they carry a deep understanding of the challenges encountered by programme/partnership leaders when trying to ensure that trainees flourish, achieve and, whenever possible, exceed their potential.  They also have significant experience of issues such as:

  • ensuring that the national criteria for ITT is regularly audited to ensure full compliance;
  • ensuring that ITT partnerships are fully prepared for inspection by Ofsted;
  • quality assuring consistency across all aspects of training and placements;
  • self-evaluating provision and successful creation and monitoring of improvement/development plans.

Given the above, NASBTT is keen to assist accredited SCITT and School Direct providers by brokering the services of experienced and successful ITT programme leaders (either still in post or recently retired) to work as Management Support Partners (MSPs) to support the embedding, review and quality assurance of high quality ITT, particularly in new provision.  Our MSPs will offer a bespoke service dependent on your focus areas.  We also offer a one-day compliance check for providers’ reassurance and peace of mind over compliance matters.

NASBTT will seek to deploy MSPs sensitively to avoid any potential conflicts of interest related to the competitive market for ITT.

 Who is this service aimed at?

  • Recently accredited schools-led providers of ITT;
  • Established accredited schools-led ITT providers with newly appointed leaders;
  • Established accredited schools-led ITT providers facing challenging or complex management issues;
  • Established schools-led ITT providers wishing to raise standards in a particular aspect of their provision.

 What skills, experience and qualities must MSPs have?

  1. All MSPs will have at least five years’ recent experience of leading schools-led/schools-base ITT provision which has been graded (under their leadership) by Ofsted as, at least, good;
  2. If not currently actively engaged in ITT, subject to NASBTT’s quality assurance procedures, MSPs will be designated for an initial period of three years after having left their ITT leadership roles;
  3. All MSPs will be able to demonstrate via Ofsted reports and independent testimonials/references that they have significant strengths in ITT partnership leadership;
  4. All MSPs will demonstrate their credibility by showing that they have a proven track record of supporting other providers of schools-led/schools-based ITT and, as a consequence, rapidly gain the confidence of those receiving management support advice;
  5. All MSPs will be subject to the NASBTT MSP Code of Practice (see Appendix 1) which includes procedures for dealing with any complaints from providers about the quality of the service/advice provided.

 What will the service cost?

NASBTT will charge a daily fee of £400 (plus VAT) to deploy an MSP; this is fully inclusive of ‘brokerage’ and the MSP’s expenses excepting any overnight accommodation costs which will incur an additional charge.  A minimum of two days is required for every MSP deployment. This usually consists of half a day of preparation work, a full day’s face-to-face visit and half a day’s follow up and provision of written feedback. If additional time is required, this will be charged at the daily rate and can be arranged by mutual agreement with your MSP.

 How do I request an MSP?

Please complete the request form and forward this to

Alternatively, you can post the request form to:

Alison Hobson
The National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers
c/o Manor School Sports College
Mountbatten Way

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