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 Date  Publication  Article
29 Nov TES Teacher apprentice scheme only hits 10% of target
13 Nov Education for Everybody How can we provide meaningful SEND training for trainee teachers?
31 Oct TES Exclusive: Non-graduate teaching apprenticeship shelved
25 Oct Education Executive Early Career Framework; what might this mean for recruitment and retention?
19 Oct TES DfE denies extra teacher induction year means more scrutiny
19 Oct Education Executive Early Career Framework hailed but success will require funding
17 Oct TES New teacher training plans ‘need proper funding’
17 Oct The Educator UK NASBTT hails Early Career Framework but warns it could “fail to deliver all its promises” without funding
17 Oct Schools Week DfE lifts SCITT fee cap to put on par with universities
16 Oct TES ITT providers hit by ‘nightmare’ DfE IT failure 
14 Oct Schools Week First off-campus teacher training route opens for undergraduates
5 Oct Academy Today Shaping the future of teaching
3 Oct Optimus Education Providing trainee teachers with meaningful SEND training
4 Aug TES Is factory schooling putting children off teaching?
1 July Education Business QTS consultation: what does it mean in practice?
15 May Independent Leader How to…fund apprenticeships in schools
15 May Education Executive How to … fund apprenticeships in schools
14 May TES International schools want to award QTS
11 May SchoolsWeek ‘Strengthened’ QTS proposals will cost at least £336 million
8 May QA Education Damian Hinds announcement on tackling teacher recruitment and retention
4 May TES ‘Marathon’ wait for QTS plan ditched following teacher recruitment ‘disaster’ warning
23 Apr QA Education Education leaders call on Government to tackle teacher recruitment crisis
20 Apr SchoolsWeek Teacher apprenticeship providers get fast-track treatment
20 Apr FE Week Secret RoATP application window revealed
19 Apr Education Executive Further calls to address the teacher supply crisis
18 Apr TES Teacher training: ‘We are witnessing a dangerous lowering of the bar to entry’
18 Apr TES Waive teachers’ tuition fees, say chartered college and training providers
17 Apr Education Executive Why teacher educators need professional development
17 Apr Education Uncovered Rolling news blog, week of April 16th
23 Mar TES Magazine ‘If you say that you’re a teacher, people just feel sorry for you’
23 Mar TES Teacher training chief warns workload is fuelling recruitment crisis
07 Mar Schools
In-depth analysis on the DfE’s QTS consultation
06 Mar Education Executive In-depth analysis on the DfE’s QTS consultation
01 Mar QA Education NASBTT publishes response to QTS consultation
23 Feb TES Teacher training providers call on government to scrap skills entry test
21 Feb TES Warnings grow that three-year QTS could be ‘disastrous’ for teacher recruitment
20 Feb SchoolsWeek QTS reforms may put applicants off, warn teacher trainers
13 Feb FE News Measures announced to ensure talented trainees get into teaching
12 Feb SchoolsWeek QTS rule change means 9,000 prospective teachers can retake skills test
12 Feb Independent Teachers can now fail multiple English and maths tests before entering job in effort to ease recruitment crisis, minister announces
12 Feb TES ‘Unlimited resits for pre-entry tests for teacher training are a step forward – but are the tests even needed at all?’
12 Feb TES DfE allows unlimited resits for teacher entry tests
12 Feb SchoolsWeek QTS Skills Test: Lock out period and re-take charges scrapped
12 Feb Government News Measures announced to ensure talented trainees get into teaching
31 Jan TES Apprentice teachers scheme threatened by bureaucracy and disinterest
31 Jan QA Education There is no magic wand to resolve workload issues 
31 Jan TES DfE checking up on teacher trainers after fears over assessment-only QTS ‘loophole’
15 Jan Education Executive How to fund apprenticeships in schools
15 Jan Education Executive DfE seeks to strengthen QTS and career progression
9 Jan QA Education How should Damian Hinds tackle education issues?


 Date  Publication  Article
18 Dec Open Access Government How can we reverse the teacher recruitment and retention crisis?
15 Dec Education Executive DfE seeks to strengthen QTS and career progression
15 Dec SchoolsWeek Schools will need funding to provide extra training for new teachers 
01 Nov Education Business The future for school-led teacher training
26 Oct Education Executive School-led teacher training – are you making the most of the opportunity?
22 Oct SchoolsWeek PE Teachers lured into shortage subjects via new plan
22 Oct SchoolsWeek Private teacher training providers escape Ofsted clutches
19 Oct FE News Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship launched
18 Oct Schools
Trainee Teachers don’t understand safeguarding role says Ofsted
17 Oct Training Journal Teacher Training – what next?
17 Oct TES Warning over untested teacher apprenticeships
17 Oct TES Trainee Teachers don’t understand safeguarding role says Ofsted
17 Oct SchoolsWeek New Association to oversee apprenticeship assessment
17 Oct CRG News Warning over untested teacher apprenticeships
11 Sep Education Business NASBTT appoints new Executive Director
Sep QA Education New Executive Director takes post
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