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Cornwall SCITT

Alison Smith is Course Director at Cornwall SCITT, which is now in its eighteenth year as an initial teacher training provider. Alison has been personally involved with the SCITT from the very beginning as a secondary programme manager and has recently been joined by primary colleagues in an expansion to the available routes.Cornwall SCITT has been a NASBTT member since its formation. In fact, whilst at the Training and Development Agency, Alison was part of a school-based teacher training network group alongside NASBTT’s former Executive Director Martin Thompson. NASBTT subsequently “picked up the gauntlet” from this group, Alison said. “We have been with NASBTT since the start and I have nothing but positive things to say about them,” she explained. “They are quite simply the go-to people for advice, guidance and common sense when it comes to school-based teacher training. They have an ear high up in government, contributing to committee and parliamentary reviews, and fighting our corner.”

Yet it is the on-the-ground opportunities which stand out most for Alison. “The annual conference is the best CPD I get,” she enthused. “I would never miss it, it is really effective and excellent value for money. It is easy to feel isolated in Cornwall but the journey to London is always worth it and I will always find time for us to attend. We meet up with people from further afield and carry on conversations. However, having NASBTT Trustees Andy Ogden and Judi Osbourne in neighbouring counties means that we can also talk to them in person, and in confidence, about any issues we may be experiencing. We always get solid advice and I know that NASBTT are able to put me in touch with anyone. So in that sense, and building on my own networking roles, I feel really connected.”

Alison also praised the day-to-day communications from NASBTT. “The website has developed significantly and I can quickly find resources such as the SEND and assessment toolkits,” she explained. “What I particularly like is that we can implement these as we wish to; unlike toolkits provided by other organisations there is no forcing us to use them. Generally, I can access information at the click of a button via the weekly bulletin and app. This is always really current, there is no time lag on insight being shared, and with NASBTT I do not feel there is any danger that I am missing information.”

Recent announcements by NASBTT have also been warmly welcomed. “The closer working relationship with the with the Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) and the new teacher educator qualifications can only be a good thing,” Alison said. “This is why we never question the value of our membership. It is worth it because NASBTT are always on the front foot, representing the best interests of all school-based providers in this country.”

Provider contact details
Truro College
College Road
Truro, Cornwall. TR1 3XX
Telephone: 01872 267092
Studio 4
Artist Muse – The Heartlands
Fordh an Bal
Pool, Redruth, Cornwall. TR15 3FD
Telephone: 01209 614747
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