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Alison Aherne is Director of Hull SCITT, a provider she has been involved with from planning stage. A teacher by profession, and a former Headteacher, Alison has dedicated her career to ‘growing your own’. Alison was originally engaged in the emergence of what is now Hull Collaborative Teaching School, the first of its kind in the city, before offering School Direct and later making the decision to become a SCITT.

Now in its second year of operation as a SCITT, Alison highlighted the layers of support provided by NASBTT. “In setting up the SCITT we found out about NASBTT and started working with the team as part of our evolution,” she said. “We have since received strong advice during the Ofsted window and in writing our self-evaluation framework – really practical stuff that we can take back to the job. Overall, membership has been really valuable, the website, blog, administrative support and training.”

Alison said the opportunity to connect with like-minded organisations was a major benefit of membership. “Networking is incredibly valuable,” she explained. “This is difficult to achieve in school and, as it’s just me and our administrator, can be a lonely job. Being able to share best practice and bring it back into our SCITT is positive, or if we have an issue then we get the opportunity to discuss it with another SCITT. Equally, we’ve been able to help others out. The stand-out experience so far was an event we attended in London involving presentations from five different providers – SCITTs and universities involved in SCITTs – we heard different case studies on key issues, and then had the opportunity to sit down with these providers for in-depth discussions. We still refer back to those presentations. They were really positive and have influenced what we now do as a SCITT.”

Both Alison and her SCITT colleague have also directly benefitted from NASBTT training. “NASBTT is led by very experienced and credible people, and the training they provide fits our philosophy at Hull SCITT,” she enthused. “It’s really good stuff – from our session with NASBTT Trustee Kim Francis to another session with a fellow SCITT director. The support for administrators has been phenomenal too – we took on a full-time administrator 12 months ago and she has subsequently had the opportunity to attend specific events and receive advice on statutory guidance and relevant documentation.”

Alison paid tribute to the “very open, honest and approachable” culture of NASBTT. “NASBTT brings people together,” she added. “Membership helps us keep on top of things and share best practice – it’s very good value for money.”

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