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Joanne Clipsham

Sharing Excellence Partnership

The Sharing Excellence Partnership is a network of local schools which aim to recruit trainees with the potential to become outstanding teachers through school-based training. Led by Dunraven School, a National Teaching School in Streatham, London, the partnership offers tuition fee-funded and salaried positions in primary and most secondary subjects, leading to QTS with PGCE, as well as to enhanced employment opportunities within the partnership.

“We joined NASBTT in 2017-18 because we wanted to develop our understanding of what great School Direct practice looked like, and we had no way of checking whether what we are doing is the best practice and what constitutes above average success,” explained Joanne Clipsham, School Direct Co-ordinator. “Having been a teacher myself and being used to professional recognition and support, I found that I was somewhat isolated in this role and needed additional input. It is sometimes difficult to have level playing field conversations with peers in other School Direct lead schools in the area as we are all in competition. And I needed to have answers to some key questions: Is our model fit for purpose? Are we going in the right direction? How do we plan for the next phase?”

Joanne said that NASBTT membership had been “more beneficial than I contemplated was possible” and she did not hesitate in renewing after the first year. “I attended the TEP Level 4 Effective SCITT and School Direct Management programme in 2018,” she revealed. “It was extremely valuable to meet a wider community of peers. Teacher training provision is incredibly diverse and it is hard to benchmark against others, so it was reassuring to find people in a similar position. Whilst we are pleased and proud of what we have achieved so far, the training has helped us to decide how to approach the next phase of recruitment and developing our training provision. The investment we made has been worth every penny and what I have been able to put in place will more than pay itself off.”

The TEP programme has given the Sharing Excellence Partnership some helpful insight which has already led to positive outcomes. “There are differences in self-evaluation for School Direct lead schools, compared to SCITTs,” Joanne said. “I was given a framework for use and self-review, which I completed and shared with our leadership team outlining our strengths and areas of development. It also helped us look at future proofing, scenarios around sustaining, increasing or a drop in trainee numbers and staff, and how to manage this effectively. As a result, we have reviewed our partnership agreement, and if we are ever challenged on it can we can say that our national professional body has provided a gold standard for us to follow. We have also introduced a trainee GDPR policy and trainee Code of Conduct directly on the back of NASBTT training.”

Joanne went on to outline the wider benefits of NASBTT membership, from fielding day-to-day enquiries to representing organisational interests around the issues that matter most to them. “There is always someone there to speak to if you have any questions and you always get a neutral, unbiased answer: for example, I sought advice on a trainee in difficulties and NASBTT gave me an objective position around how we should play a part in the management of that trainee,” she explained. “The NASBTT voice is also tremendously important. As a Teaching School we get our voice heard at a regional level, but to be represented by the national body of SCITTs and School Direct lead schools is incredibly valuable. Emma Hollis (NASBTT Executive Director) is in a great position to champion our cause in political and policy circles. Overall, I feel welcomed and valued as a member. NASBTT makes a difference to a lot of staff, many of whom who are part-time.”


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