They are quite simply the go-to people for advice, guidance and common sense when it comes to school-based teacher training.


Thank you for you interest in joining our organisation, I am pleased to give you an overview of what NASBTT Membership can offer. 

The National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers (NASBTT) represents the interests of schools-led teacher training provision in relation to the development and implementation of national policy developments. Our members include SCITT providers, School Direct Lead Schools, Teaching Schools, HEIs as well as a range of other organisations involved in the education and professional development of teachers.  We have 208 members representing in excess of 8,000 individual trainees. NASBTT is here to:

  • raise the standard of teaching;
  • support excellent provision;
  • offer programme management and development advice;
  • provide resources and toolkits;
  • create evidence-based research;
  • share best practice;
  • facilitate peer-to-peer networking;
  • convene conferences, events and meetings;
  • provide professional recognition;
  • deliver compelling continuous professional development;
  • inform government policy;
  • represent member interests.

You might like to refer to our member case studies for information about how we support our members.

As a registered charity, we rely on fees from our members to continue our work. The membership fees for the 2018/19 academic year are as follows:

SCITTs: £422.30 per institution plus £13.65 per trainee registered on all programmes at census date;
HEIs: £422.30 per institution plus £13.65 per School Direct trainee (all programmes) registered on the programme at census date;
School Direct Lead School, Teaching School or MAT: £422.30 per organisation;
Other organisation involved in the education and professional development of teachers: £410 per organisation.
Corporate member: £550.00 per organisation.

I do hope you will join our growing organisation – you will be very welcome. Please click here to apply for membership (a Word application form will download to your computer).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Officer, Alison Hobson on 01933 627049 or via

Kind regards

Emma Hollis
Executive Director
The National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers (NASBTT)


Key Benefits of Membership

  • Access to member only content through the NASBTT website including further resources
  • Full access to the member only NASBTT blog
  • Weekly email newsletter through which relevant updates and news are shared
  • Access to the NASBTT App to enable you to keep up to date via your phone or tablet
  • Access to personalised support and guidance
  • Opportunities to discuss and feed back on matters relevant to the sector through NASBTT forums, polls and events
  • Significantly reduced member rate for NASBTT Events, Workshops, Training and CPD opportunities (see the Upcoming Events listings for further information)



I am a complete advocate of NASBTT – they are effectively our right arm!



NASBTT’s membership terms and conditions can be found here.