You may be interested to read the following message, which has been sent to all candidates who currently have a skills test booked:

The changes, which are outlined below, will come into effect on 14 February 2018. You have booked tests prior to the changes being made and I want to encourage you to take those tests as planned. Below are some FAQs which I hope will address any queries you may have.

What are the changes?

The limit of 3 test attempts per subject is being removed. As of 14 February 2018 you will have unlimited attempts to achieve a test pass. This means that the 2 year lockout period will also be removed.

Currently all candidates have one test booking free of charge, per subject. From 14 February 2018, all candidates will be able to book three tests per subject, free of charge. A charge will be applied from the fourth test attempt per subject.

What happens if I have a test booked between the announcement and the start date for the new policy?

If you paid for and took a second or third attempt at a test on or after the 24 October 2017 and before 14 February 2018, you will automatically receive a refund for the cost of your test. Refunds will be paid to candidates by 31 March 2018 and funds will be returned to the credit or debit card used to pay for the test. If you have not received the refund by 31 March 2018 then please call the helpline on 0300 303 9613.

If you fail your test for a third time before 14 February 2018 then your account will lock, but it will unlock automatically on 14 February 2018 and you will be able to access your account and continue to book tests as normal. You will also be able to take up to three more test bookings, free of charge per subject.

I took tests before 24 October 2017. Why am I not getting a refund?

This change applies to all bookings placed after the start of the 2018 recruitment cycle. We are unable to issue or agree refunds for tests prior to this date.

I was locked out of my account after three failed attempts at the skills tests. I am still interested in training to teach, so what should I do next?

Once the 2-year lockout period is removed on 15 February 2018, candidates will be able to take unlimited tests. The key to passing is plenty of preparation and practice. You can complete a free, fully interactive online practice test, which will help you to familiarise yourself with the test format. Simply follow the instructions on this page.

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  1. Kim Francis on February 28, 2018 at 10:39 am

    Kim Francis here (the legend that isn’t!!)

    For those of us of a certain vintage, this announcement is more than a little bitter/sweet. Several of us protested hard and attempted to rally sector support to contest “the three strikes and you are out for two years” when it was introduced mid-year 5 years ago. I will refrain from commenting further about the fickle nature of politics and its impact on education. Hundreds of would-be teachers were deterred from realising their ambition to become teachers – at what loss to the profession?

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