Thank you to those 380+ members that joined us on Tuesday of last week for the first of its kind ‘ITT September 2020 and Beyond’ online webinar. For those that could not attend we are pleased to share with you a recording of the event and other resources that were shared by facilitators during the session.

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NASBTT ITT September 2020 and Beyond

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Will the relaxation of criteria be in place until June 2021 Yes. The relaxation applies to the cohort starting their training In September 2020


I am worried about those we have recruited and they might be medium-high risk…how do we manage this?

Any ideas on approaches for vulnerable trainees – eg one with asthma – not high risk, medium risk and not keen to go into the classroom?


Ensure your occupational health provider is screening appropriately for conditions which may put trainees in an ‘at risk’ category. Develop a risk assessment process with your partner schools and consult published guidance and advice on supporting colleagues back into the workplace. NASBTT has and will continue to share useful links and guidelines to support you in this.
Currently Criterion C2.4:  Two Schools, has been removed.  – Will this be the same next year?

Can I confirm that the DfE have said that for the entire 2020-2021 academic year ITT providers can place trainees in only 1 school (if 2 school placements are not possible) and we will still be compliant?

From Ruth: “Yes. the criteria that have been relaxed are: the expectation that trainees train to teach in at least two schools; the requirement for a trainee to have met the standards across the full age and ability range; the expectation that programmes cover no fewer than four school years”
Sam, could you share the blog about trainees being the solution. I completely agree, but someone has probably expressed it more eloquently than I can! https://jmsreflect.blog/2020/06/08/reflecting-on-the-high-value-of-trainee-teachers/


What is John’s prediction for the employment of primary trainees please? From John: “In a word challenging, but differs around the country”
It of course is right that we will need to adapt our delivery. If trainees are likely to be less in school and we will be providing more bespoke support and blended learning will there be more funding?


We are seeking guidance from the DfE on this question
Will the DfE be considering proving additional funding for Providers to provide NQT support for our graduates? We are seeking guidance from the DfE on this question
What I think we need most for Sept is to know that we are okay to have unusual timetables for trainees at placements. Can we be assured that we will be able to give trainees less classes/lessons than normal in these unprecedented times?  

The flexibilities introduced to the ITT Criteria go some way towards helping to achieve this but from conversations we have had with colleagues across the sector, including DfE and Ofsted, there is a genuine understanding that providers will need to be flexible and innovative in their approaches.


Is now the time for the DfE to allow ITE providers to do the induction/appropriate body service for our own graduates, to ensure that smooth transition in September? We have established relationships, we can continue their care and support and we’ve never believed that there was a conflict of interest in doing this. We could offer that aftercare service to our graduates throughout their induction.


This is something we continue to advocate for on behalf of the sector. Our understanding is that this is under active review at the DfE but we do not anticipate that changes will be made for 2020/21
Mentoring question – will resources be made available for registered deliverers of NASBTT mentoring level 1 and 2 to deliver mentoring courses online instead of face to face as the current resources are designed for? NASBTT is actively exploring options for the delivery of our TEP materials through an online portal – please bear with us whilst we investigate options and carry out due diligence as it is important that the quality of our materials is protected. We have been approached by a number of providers who are keen to develop their own online offerings and we are open to this. TEP Licence holders have received an email regarding the development of online modules.


Will relaxation of rules specifically age range coverage and 2 settings apply to EYITT trainees/ providers?


No. The relaxations do not apply to EYITT
Are trainee teachers ‘key workers’.  We have had many questions on this from our incoming cohort who have children.  Please can this be clarified asap?  Thanks. This is being actively investigated by DfE and we continue to press for an answer as soon as possible
For Ruth – is there a possibility for an ‘online placement’ as an alternative placement, considering the importance of online learning?


We will raise this directly with the DfE but it seems to be a flexible option which we would suggest is possible within provider discretion, particularly given the flexibilities that have been introduced in to the ITT Criteria.

Are any providers who are able to deliver the CCF from September and would they be willing to share their approaches?


We are running networking sessions for members on 23rd and 25th June to explore approaches to curriculum design.

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