In light of the current situation and the potential need to seek alternative methods of supporting trainees, a number of members have recently submitted enquiries about access to NASBTT Learn. For those who have expressed an interest, we have negotiated with Anspear a significantly reduced rate for access to the system for the remaining few months of this academic year. 

Trainees can get access to the full library of development materials and providers can track their progress, course-by-course.  

The system allows offline access via mobile phones and tablets as well as online access via the web, with each learner’s devices synchronising to ensure that all efforts are recorded, and credit given. 

Cost: £10.00 plus VAT (per trainee) rather than the usual £50.00 plus VAT.  

We have worked closely with Anspear to reduce the fee as far as possible and the charge is reflective of their absolute minimum administration and hosting fees. 

Special arrangements are being put in place for those member organisations who have already purchased licences to ensure that they are not put at a disadvantage. 

Licences can be issued by contacting Jacquie Cox at Anspear on 01223 350555, 07974 391825 or j.cox@anspear.com.  Similarly, if you have any questions about NASBTT Learn. 

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