Nearly half of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers surveyed by the National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers (NASBTT) have reported that fewer trainees have secured
employment compared to the same time last year.

Of 82 responses, 45% of SCITTs and School Direct Lead Schools cited the drop – whilst 32% of ITT providers have stated that the number of confirmed jobs for trainees remains
approximately the same as in April-May 2019, just 5% have said that secured employment for September 2020 has proportionally increased.

On average, 49% of trainees have positions for 2020-21, though this ranges from 0% to 100% across providers, with initial evidence pointing to employment rates for primary roles being more
adversely affected than secondary.

Giving her reaction to the findings of the survey, NASBTT Executive Director Emma Hollis said: “Whilst the headline figures are not where we would like them to be, respondents have reported
that fewer vacancies are being advertised; possibly due to less movement (or ‘churn’) of existing staff, possibly due to concerns over recruiting remotely, and possibly due to schools focusing on issues around Covid-19 and delaying dealing with recruitment until a later date.

“However, ITT providers are calling for announcements to be made about the support that will be put in place for NQTs from September. They feel this will help to reassure schools and
encourage them to employ NQTs, and help to reassure trainees who are feeling unprepared and are lacking in confidence about starting new posts. “Some respondents are also reporting that Heads are unwilling to employ NQTs because they feel they have not had enough experience in schools. We appeal to school leaders to do everything they can to support recruitment at all levels.”

A separate qualitative survey has brought feedback from NASBTT members on recruitment processes for 2020, including tasks being held during online interviews and management of
candidates from a safeguarding perspective. The responses from this survey have been shared with the Department for Education.

The NASBTT Press Release is available here.

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