Today we published our new research report ‘Part-time Teaching and Flexible Working in Secondary Schools’.

Attracting and retaining enough secondary teachers is a key challenge facing school leaders today. Providing more opportunities for part-time and flexible working may provide part of the answer.

Building on our previous research into teacher retention, which identified an unmet demand from secondary teachers for part-time and flexible working, this new report provides insights into the barriers and discovers how some schools with high levels of part-time teachers are making it work. Using these insights, the report also makes recommendations for policymakers and school leaders.

I hope you will find this piece of research interesting, please do share with your wider network. Our Twitter handle is @TheNFER. For more on NFER’s work in the School Workforce area, visitwww.nfer.ac.uk/research/school-workforce/

As always, I would be happy to discuss the findings.

Maddie Wheeler, Director of Communications

National Foundation for Educational Research

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