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Following the successful release of our Introduction to Teaching pathway, we are pleased to inform you that two new courses on Feedback and Reflective Practice have been released for NASBTT Learn.  These courses form part of the 24 new modules that are closely aligned to the CCF and designed to support the delivery of your curriculum.

Visit our webpage to explore the content samples and schedule a demo to explore the full modules.


Flexible licensing is available. Signing up before the end of term will incur no extra charge for next year’s trainees and extra licences can be purchased as required. Get in contact to find out more and we will do our best to accommodate your specific requirements.

A quick reminder of the new features:

​​Expanded content

New learning modules examine key theories, explore classroom techniques putting knowledge into practice through scenarios and support for ITAP.

AI feedback

We now use AI to give instant feedback whenever a trainee does a written task to increase engagement and motivation.

Evidence base incorporation

Summaries of the evidence base in each new module offer trainees insight into up-to-date research and best practices underpinning the theory.

Easy tracking

App provides the evidence you need to monitor trainee learning and meet quality assurance.

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