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At NASBTT, we are committed to providing best value for our Members and have added a wide range of new publications, guidance and resources over the past few months.
We know that you are incredibly busy training, developing and supporting the next generation of teachers. Therefore, this brief summary of new resources at your fingertips might be helpful.

What’s new?

Management Handbook for Schools-Led Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

This Management Handbook is designed to support ITT providers in navigating the complexities of teacher training, offering guidance on the strategic and operational management of programmes.
The Management Handbook has been organised in to five key sections:
  • Compliance and Legislation
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Finance
  • Programme Design
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Assurance

View the Management Handbook

Administration Handbook for Schools-Led Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

Designed specifically to support those with responsibility for the operational management and administration of programmes, the Administration Handbook details the range of operational and administrative functions that underpin the smooth and effective running of schools-led ITT and, in particular, School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) providers.
The Administration Handbook has been organised in to three key sections:
  • Recruitment and the Applicant Journey
  • Trainee Onboarding
  • Programme Administration

View the Administration Handbook

Operational Calendar to support ITT Administrators

The Operational Calendar has been designed on an academic year basis and identifies tasks and information relating to:
  • General administration
  • Current cohort
  • Recruitment
  • Incoming cohort
It is available in both PDF and Excel formatsOrganisations can adjust accordingly to suit their need.

View the Operational Calendar

New resourcesguidance and signposting

New and Updated Directories

  • Support Directory – containing details of individuals who offer a range of services to support ITT.
  • Partnerships Directory – containing details of accredited providers who are open to partnership discussions.

Planned Developments

Further planned developments which will be in place for the new academic year include:
  • Updated SEND Toolkit for organisations and trainees
  • Further apprenticeship resources and guidance
  • Stakeholder signposting
  • New NASBTT podcast series in partnership with Diverse Educators
As we continue to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of our Members, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for further improvements. Share your thoughts with us.

All these resources and more can be found in the Member Hub.

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