The ‘Newly qualified teachers: annual survey 2017 – Research report’ has now been published.  You can find the report here.

SCITTs seem to come out of this survey very favourably.  However, it is worth noting that as the data is drawn from trainees qualifying in 2016 it is quite dated, and whilst it identifies the performance of School Direct routes sometimes the analysis for SCITTs is hidden within a postgraduate category.

The data we are now collecting from you of course refers to those qualifying in 2016-17 and 2017-18 and will clearly identify the different schools-based routes and will hopefully be published well before Christmas.  The press reports have of course reported the aspects of training these NQTs thought we as providers did less well and we would like to update the data around our performance in these specific areas.  We will prepare and distribute another data collection sheet shortly and your help with updating this data would be much appreciated.  You will probably already have this data as part of your ongoing self-evaluation.  We do recognise the work we are asking you to do but feel that you will find it worthwhile in the long run.

We have started to process the data you are supplying and as part of this are trying to establish whether there is a link between the class of degree and trainee outcomes.  A problem has arisen in that the DfE published census data hides numbers under 5 so we will need to contact some providers for the data around degree classes for 2016-17 and 2017-18.  Apologies but again it looks like it will be worth it!

Martin Thompson
Strategy Consultant



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