Corazon Health Occupational Health Process

For the purposes of clarity, the term applicants will be used to cover individuals who have not accepted a place on your programme, recruits to cover those who have accepted a conditional offer of a place on a programme of ITT and trainees to cover those who have accepted an offer and fulfilled all the conditions of the offer.

Why are these terms important?

NASBTT has prepared the following role description and person specification for trainee teachers.

Trainee Teacher Role Description
Trainee Teacher Person Specification

It must be stressed that these are representations of the typical demands experienced by those in the teaching profession; they are not articulations of the requirements for teaching.

Recruits will complete the most relevant of six questionnaires which, on completion, will be returned to Corazon Health whose clinical staff will assess the responses according to typical work patterns and work contexts.

These work patterns and work contexts are:

For some of the above, there will be different questions but in the main it is the assessment of recruits’ responses that will be most significant.

Corazon Health will inform the ITT provider whether the individual has:

  1. The health and physical capacity to teach without the need for any adjustment(s);
  2. The health and physical capacity to teach with details of particular adjustment(s) required.

In the case of the second outcome, it will be for the ITT provider to determine whether the adjustment(s) indicated are deemed reasonable within the guidance given in the Equality Act 2010.