We are acutely aware of the profound impact coronavirus is having on the sector and on students. We are continuing to operate because we believe we can still work with providers in the current context and provide a valuable service for providers and students, and we want to do what we can to help providers and students navigate the situation.

We have adopted a very flexible approach to our work to allow for the major challenges everyone is facing. We are keeping fairness for students at the heart of what we do but recognising that what providers can reasonably be expected to do, and what students can reasonably expect, will be different in these unprecedented circumstances and may continue to change as the situation evolves.

We are liaising closely with sector organisations and governments and we will contribute to the overall sector response as it emerges, and to relevant sector developments. We are continuing to engage with and listen to providers, students and their representative bodies and sector organisations, encouraging mutual understanding and cooperation in these exceptionally challenging times.

We have published information relating to the coronavirus situation on our website, including more information about our approach, some information for students and the briefing note for providers we published in March on issues that could lead to complaints.

If you are an OIA Point of Contact and you are having difficulty providing information we have asked for or meeting our deadlines, or your provider is experiencing significant difficulties with complaints-handling capacity, please let us know. Similarly if you are an adviser or representative for a student who has a complaint with us and you or the student are having difficulty engaging with our process, please get in touch.

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