Dear Colleagues,

Please click on the links below to access findings from OfSTED’s ITE curriculum research and a commentary on that research from HMCI. Key points include:

  1. Trainees and NQTs generally positive about their training experiences
  2. The importance of a joined up approach to classroom practice and theory
  3. Centre based and school based components of programmes must be closely aligned
  4. The essential role of mentors, and of mentors being properly trained and supported.
  5. Inconsistencies in mentoring and placement experiences, sometimes within the same partnerships
  6. HEI programmes sometimes focussed on learning to teach a subject, with school-centred providers more focussed on learning to teach
  7. Some primary trainees did not feel that they received sufficient training in all the foundation subjects
  8. In some cases, more coverage might be given to: subject-specific pedagogy; behaviour management; and the teaching of children with diverse needs
  9. Variation within some partnerships of subject knowledge pedagogy sessions



The above is based on an early read. Please take the time to read in detail.


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