Ofsted ToQ Survey – update from David Storrie HMI

Dear colleagues,

In the letter that I sent out on Wed 1 May 2019 (attached), I explained that the trainee online questionnaire (TOQ) survey had been sent to providers and is open from 15 April 2019 – 31 July 2019. The letter includes an update on the protocol for sharing data with the DfE:

Given the NQT survey has been discontinued and to avoid the necessity for a parallel Department for Education (DfE) survey, we have agreed to share the trainee online questionnaire data with the DfE, at a provider level. As the DfE requested this data, in accordance with s. 118(2) of the Education and Inspections Act 2006, Ofsted has a legal duty to provide this information. We have ensured that we comply with data protection obligations which arise when processing personal data.

The email that was sent out to providers also includes the following confirmation:

“Inspectors will use this information when your ITE partnership is inspected. We may also share the overall data for [name of provider] with the Department for Education (DfE) and in our presentations and publications. The information we receive is securely stored and we take steps to prevent our staff and the DfE from identifying respondents. The company managing this survey will collect the IP address of those responding. This will only be used in the unlikely event that there are problems with the validity of the survey responses.”

We have since received feedback and requests from providers that they wish to be able to access the overall data that will be shared with the DfE. Given that we do not have processes in place to provide access to this data this year, I am writing to confirm the updated arrangements for the TOQ survey:

  1. In 2019 we will only survey those providers who have an inspection. Other providers can choose to complete the survey should they wish to do so, however, in 2019 we are not able to share overall data with providers.
  2. From 2020, we will encourage all providers to complete the ToQ annually. Ofsted will share the results of the ToQ with the individual provider (at provider level). This data will be shared with the DfE following their request for us to do so. Where there are small providers with fewer than 6 trainees, this information will not be shared with inspectors or the DfE at a provider level. This data will only contribute to the national data.
  3. The data will not be published externally and should not be used by providers for publicity either. This could lead to all data having to be published nationally.

Best wishes

David Storrie HMI

The letter sent on Wed 1 May 2019 is availble in the link below:

Letter to partnerships – May 2019

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