This information was shared on the OIA’s February newsletter (Edition 33):

We are pleased to tell you that our new website is now ready and will be going live on the morning of Thursday 21 February.

We hope that you will like the many improvements we have made to the design and accessibility. There are a number of features we wanted to tell you about:

  • The new website has different hubs for providers, student advisers and students. The hubs group together information that is most relevant for each type of user in one place for easy, quick access. So for example, a provider Point of Contact can go directly to the provider hub to find links to all the resources they need. As before, access is still open for everyone to use all the other areas on the site too.
  • The website has a responsive design, so you can now view the site more easily on other devices such as your mobile phone.
  • We have tried to use clear and simple language throughout the site to make it easier for everyone to understand what we do and how our processes work.

For some users, it may take a little longer for the new site to appear in place of the old one. If you are still not seeing the new site by next week, please try clearing the browsing history on your web browser and this should resolve the problem. If you have any issues with the new website, please contact us at enquiries@oiahe.org.uk or 0118 959 9813, and we will be happy to help. We always value your feedback, so please let us know what you think of our new website.

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