Information regarding the PIN for teaching school super hubs can be found in the link below where you will be able to view the prospectus.

Contracts Finder

Teaching Schools have been a successful initiative, which DfE has sponsored since 2011. The Department recognises that larger collaborations of Teaching School Alliances and MATs have developed to cover wider areas than a traditional alliance. The Department is considering piloting a new approach to grant-aid high-performing schools in a limited number of areas to provide improvement services to a wider range of local schools in effective school-to-school support, for those at risk of failure, and showcasing and spreading best practice, as trailed in the recruitment and retention of teachers (see link to Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy).

In addition to delivering its own provision, it will be expected to broker or signpost schools to additional sources of expert support, recognised by DfE, within and outside its area.

It is anticipated that the pilot will run in up to 7 areas of the country, covering 6 RSC regions.

Key Information

  • The procurement window is now open and will be open until Friday 26 July;
  • Any schools wishing to apply need to be (1) located in a pilot area, and (2) meet the performance criteria. Schools can check this with the eligibility tracker, which is available on Contracts Finder;
  • Any schools which don’t meet all of the criteria in the eligibility tracker should not apply; their application will not be assessed;
  • All eligible schools have received an email to confirm the procurement is open.

The Teaching school pilot – contracts summary is availble in the link below.

Contracts Summary


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