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School-Based ITT receives the ‘thumbs up’ from Ofsted

31 Jan
By Martin Thompson

Press Release School-based ITT receives thumbs up from Ofsted

Ofsted has recently published all of the inspection reports for the 2016 cycle of inspection. These confirm that SCITTs (School-Centred Initial Teacher Training partnerships) are being rated highly by Ofsted. 18 SCITTS were inspected this year and, of these, 9 (50%) were judged to be outstanding (grade 1). A further 8 (44%) were judged to be good. Just one SCITT was judged at grade 3 (Requires Improvement). This means that 94% of SCITTs inspected were judged to be good or outstanding in 2016.

This outcome is all the more remarkable when the fact that all of these are ‘new’ SCITTs, in only their second, full year of operation and subject to their first inspection is taken into consideration. 7 University-led ITT courses were also inspected in 2016. One of these (14%) was judged to be outstanding whilst 6 (71%) were judged as being good.

The National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers [NASBTT] has collated the outcomes data for the past 3 years and this is also very positive with regard to SCITT-led ITT:  50% of the 44 SCITTs inspected were judged to be outstanding  48% were judged to be good Total: 98% good or outstanding For University-led programmes the data is as follows:  30% (8) of the 27 HEIs inspected (were judged to be outstanding)  63% (17) were judged to be good

Total: 93% good or outstanding

Martin Thompson [Executive Director, NASBTT] said:

These really pleasing statistics reflect the enormous effort, expertise and dedication of all ITT providers in their continuing focus on achieving high quality training. In particular, the excellent standards achieved by those SCITTs in the early years of their provision demonstrate a commitment to and enthusiasm for teacher training and, in turn, are an endorsement of the Government’s policy to open up the market to a greater proportion of schools-led provision. It is clear that, were it to be allocated the necessary places, the sector as a whole stands ready to provide increasingly desperate schools with the individuals who have the talents and determination that they seek

Editor’s Notes: (25.01.2017)

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