The newly introduced Quality Assurance Consultations have offered new and experienced Licence Holders an opportunity to ask questions, share practice and offer insightful observations relating to TEP facilitation.  They offer a bespoke supportive service to all Licence Holders and have received very positive feedback.  Licence Holders are eligible for a QA Consultation if they are a new Licence Holder or if they received a Quality Assurance visit in the previous academic year; they are optional in both circumstances.

QA Consultations, alongside QA Visits, further inform TEP development opportunities so that NASBTT’s TEPs remain current and relevant professional development resources that translate effectively into the practice of all attending delegates.

You can access the ‘NASBTT TEP QA Project Interim Report’ here.

Published in March 2021, the report summarises the transition and success of TEP facilitation to online platforms and shared collated feedback from 2020-2021 TEP delegates that Licence Holders may find useful.

An annual report will be published July 2021.  Until then, updated records show that this year, 4 QA Visits and 19 QA Consultations have been, or will be, completed by July this year.  The number of QA Consultations is representative of a significant increase in the number of new Licence Holders.


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